Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Definite Progress

By the time I stopped sewing yesterday, I had most of the full blocks done for the quilt.  Two more setting blocks, and I might clap my hands with glee.  And then it's on to the half-star blocks, which will need to have the triangles cut carefully, if I don't want bias all along the edges.  It's always something, isn't it?

Or maybe I can slap on a border at the end, so that bias doesn't matter?  Now there's a thought.  ;)

Nothing going on, other than sewing and sewing and sewing some more.  Hopefully I'll get to the quilting stage sooner, rather than later.

The assistant is still assisting.  Sorry about the sideways tip of the photo.  I've finally figured it out.  Unless my camera is level when I take the photo, the image flips when I post it to anything.  It's still rightside up on my computer, but put it on the blog or facebook?  It flips faster than you can say, "HEY!" and there's no righting it.

And I guess that's it.  I need to get back into the workshop, sooner, rather than later.  Sew faster!  Sew faster!

P.S.  The entry deadline is February 14.  tick tock.  tick tock.  For detailed information, check Best of the Valley.


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Is that what the baskets are for? I guess I better put mine in the garage for Kitty Kitty. Although she has enough toys out there already. I am kind of spoiling her a bit. I've never really had a pet cat before.

Your quilt is coming along great. Keep the momentum going.

sewmuchfun said...

Beautiful, love the blocks!