Monday, January 12, 2015

Happy Blogiversary!

According to my calendar, I began this blog 7 years ago today.  My, how time flies!!  I hope we are having fun!  Apparently I'm not bored yet, as I'm still showing up.  :)

I'm currently working on a set of 4 postcards.  I found the pieced strips in a UFO box over the weekend, and thought they'd make nice cards.  They just needed a little oompf.  Last night I came up with a vision, and today I'm stitching it down.  What do you think so far?
That heart bead gets a bit lost in the photo.  It's more distinct in person.

It's been a busy week.  The cats were due for their vaccinations, so we went to the vet.
 Watson was in the black carrier on top of the big cats, because he's a pest.  He makes the big boys hiss.
Two days later, it was time for the dogs to visit the vet.
 I wonder if the tech felt at all intimidated by all those teeth behind her back?  Or how about the vet, when he walked in and saw the welcoming committee?  (My son was with me, acting as Canine Wrangler.  I wrangled Pixel.)
On Friday, my gardener did the unthinkable, and cut back my iris garden.  I've been feeling violated and suffering a severe sense of loss, for I am doubtful that this year's iris crop will even exist.  It's been four days, and I've yet to come to terms with it.  Spring just doesn't welcome me, when I have nothing to watch to help mark the passing of days.
 I tell myself that "iris are resilient!"  "They will survive!"  I know they will bloom again, but will they bloom in 2015?  Probably not all of them.  All of those hints of green in the above photo used to be beautiful fans of leaves. 
Maybe it's a good thing that I've commemorated them in a few quilts?  I can always imagine that they're in the garden, and not just on the wall, right?

 "Queen of the Garden"
Suzanne Kistler 2002

 "Hey, Beautiful!"
Suzanne Kistler 2014

"Psalm 46:10:  Be Still"
Suzanne Kistler 2008

wow.  Has it really been six years since I finished that quilt?!  I was right.  Time is flying by and leaving me behind.  I'd best sign off, and see if I can get something done today!



Barbara Sindlinger said...

By your quilts, you are truly inspired by your local scenery.

I was glad to see you weren't alone at the vets with those dogs. Just once I took all three of my little dogs in and it was a disaster. My Jack Russell easily escapes from his leash and likes to visit. Another tries to chew through his leash and Duchess used to just shake and cling to me. We make separate appointments now.

Love the card too. I'm sure the photos just don't do them justice.

Quiltedtime said...

I feel your pain in regards to the irises. I think I can still remember the plants and trees in my yard that have died at the hands of various gardeners. I still miss that baby lime tree and the kangaroo paw plant.