Tuesday, January 13, 2015


I finished my first set of Postmark'd Art postcards for 2014.
 I photographed all of them, though they are pretty repetitious.
 Just in case you thought there was only one card,
 They're actually a set of three.  Plus one, that I showed you the other day.
 If they look vaguely familiar, I had a flashback to a quilt I made back in 2013.  I loved the splash of beads across the quilt, and had wanted to repeat it at some time.  I guess this was that time.
 "Inspired by Cindy"
Suzanne Kistler 2013

Here's a close-up, in case you couldn't quite see the beads.
I still haven't worked on a quilt yet this year, but ALL of the unwashed fabric that I've found piled around the room has been washed AND pressed AND put away.  And I found a stack of donor squares that I'm going to try to sew together this afternoon, rather than put them aside once again.

Baby steps.  They're all baby steps.  But it's all forward momentum, and forward momentum is good.

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Well you may not have worked on a quilt but you have got some things done. Washing and pressing fabrics is something I know I should do, but usually don't so good for you. And congrats that you are caught up in that regards.