Friday, March 6, 2015

SO Busy

Penny is here, and we are busy.
We're watching the irises bloom, among other things.
 This morning we went out to breakfast.  We split an avocado, spinach and jack cheese omelet, a side of bacon, and fruit.  This is her portion.  She is a magician.  Beginning with the lettuce, she ate it ALL.
 She's now busy in the living room, doing some ironing.  She's already made eggs and tea for me, and she's looking forward to pulling weeds tomorrow.  Life in the country has special treats, best appreciated by city kids!  :)
 And to think that last week I did some stress shopping online, late at night.  It arrived today.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with it.
On second thought, if I wash it, I'll bet Penny would iron it for me!  :)


Sara Kelly said...

And so it begins….future quilter budding.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

When she's done ironing at your house she can come here. I bet you are busy busy busy with that little one - but enjoying every minute I'm sure.