Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Still Plugging Away

No quiltie stuff to report, unless you want to hear about paperwork.  No?  I didn't think so.  I'm tired of it, too. 

One of the art quilts that came to the show was packed in a very creative manner.  I've seen quilts rolled before, but this was even better than those rolled on a single pool noodle.  Check it out:
 She used a flat piece of cardboard, to which she attached two sections of pool noodle.  She then braced the pool noodles with more cardboard.
 The quilt is in a plastic sleeve, then rolled gently around the frame.  (I might have added a pillowcase, but then, that's me.)
 The quilt then fit snugly into the box.  (She probably made the noodle frame to fit this particular box.)
It was then padded with bubble wrap, sealed, and sent on its way.
Isn't this clever?  It's perfect for wall quilts, which are so prone to getting fold marks during shipping.

I'm trying to prep for a class with Susan Brubaker-Knapp.  I've been going through scads of photos, looking for something that I'd like to work on for a week.  It's pretty much been a bust, because the things I find are too detailed for the type of project we'll be doing.  Like this:
 or this:
or this:
I ended up with 3 flowers, 2 birds, a deer and a dog...and a bill of $98 at Kinko's, after redeeming a 20% off coupon.  oh. my. goodness.  Whether I like those photos or not, I think I'm stuck with them.  I should have asked for a solid price quote before I gave the go-ahead nod.  I'm used to running oversize black and white copies.  Color is a different matter, entirely.

So.  The quilt show is not yet to bed, but it's close.  I'm hoping that come May, I will be back on track, both with quilting and blogging.  Without much quilting going on, there hasn't been that much to blog about.

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