Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Few Finishes

I've been steadily working my way through the stack of baby quilts that I basted last week.  I'm not going to win any races, but it feels good to check a few marked off as "done."  The aqua and grey quilt was the first one finished:
 Then there's this one, that was made from leftovers pulled from my leftover boxes.
 Number three is now quilted, with the binding in the process of being tacked down.  I like this picture, because it shows most of my studio.  There is the design wall on the left, and the ironing board directly behind me.  Behind the ironing board is the wall of cabinets holding my stash.  It looks like windows, because they're reflecting the window that I look out while I'm sitting at my machine.  I also like this photo because you can't see the floor, which is stacked with half-finished/undealt with projects/stuff.
 In cleaning out a closet, I found this treasure from 50 years ago.  Does that make it an antique?  My mom had it framed when I was little, and I had it in the attic.  When the glass broke, I put the picture in the closet.  Without the glass to protect it, it tore.  I didn't want to keep the physical drawing any longer, so it's now saved digitally.  If you wonder why I've long thought I'm not an Artist, this might give you a clue.
 Apparently when I was 5, I wasn't so worried about what others thought.  I knew it was beautiful, and proudly signed it.  If I were to name it today, what would I call it?  "Bald Hydrocephalic Lion"?  wow.  And yeah, I always did have trouble with faces...
I think I'll stick with fabric.  It seems to be my most successful medium.

Happy Quilting!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Congratulations on your 'done' marks.

Now I have to go lookup hydrocephalic.