Monday, May 11, 2015

A Piecing Fool

I've finished putting together the baby quilt top that was on the wall in my last post, and sewn together another 20 orphaned stars to make a fourth top.  Apparently I need to put "basting" on my calendar this week.  I'm ready and rarin' to go!  Let's finish something!

But first, I would like to finish the project begun in Susan Brubaker Knapp's class, at Empty Spools.  On Saturday evening, I picked out some knotty quilting, and am just looking for the time to re-quilt it and finish.  Goals are good, doncha know?  :)

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and the faraway kids sent flowers.  ooh!  aah!  I felt special!  :)
 My daughter sent peonies, which rapidly EXPLODED into a celebration of petals.
 I've never seen them up close and personal.  Each one is distinct and beautiful.  I took LOTS of pictures.
 My son's flowers arrived when I was out back, enjoying a glass of water, my iPad kindle, and the weather.  (Note the dirt in the backyard.  You now know why my house has been painted such a happy color.)
And, hmmm.  I think that's about it.  I made a list yesterday, of the things that are of high priority this week.  uh oh.  I still have three major quilt show wrap-up tasks, as well as six big quilting goals.  None of them involve baby quilts.  I suppose if they're already late, a few more weeks won't make that much difference, will it?

And on that note, I'd better get to work.  Happy quilting!!


sewmuchfun said...

Happy Mother's Day...your flowers are beautiful

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Sounds like a wonderful day. The flowers are gorgeous too. Can't wait to see your finished projects.