Thursday, May 7, 2015

Baby Quilts

So.  I am back.  I have 1,000,000 projects lined up to complete.  Okay, maybe it's not really a million, but it sometimes feels like it.  I haven't finished the project from Empty Spools, but I may finish it soon.  Today we went shopping in Porterville, and I picked up 2 dozen little spools of Aurifil.  They should be perfect to complete the background quilting, as well as replace some quilting done with Mettler.  That quilting had some spit-up on the backside, and if I want to submit the quilt to Houston - goals are good! - it needs to be better than good.  It needs to be as close to perfect as I can get.

I also have a quilt accepted to the upcoming Sacred Threads exhibit.  It's an old quilt, that I made decades ago.  But the thought behind it is strong, and as I said, it's been accepted.  Now they want a GOOD photo, to include in the book.  The quilt was a bit wonky, and I'd already decided to redo the binding if it got in.  Now I have a solid deadline, with the book looming.  It took three days to remove the binding.  It wasn't done well, but it was certainly done in a manner meant to last for a century.  yikes.  I'm now in the process of putting it back in place.  I'll share pictures, once it's done.

I've also got a stack of babies that need quilts.  wait.  Did that sound right?  ;)  Babies are arriving faster than their quilts are being made.  Since Monday, I've popped out these three tops:
 One for a girl, and one for a boy.
 Okay, so this last one isn't together yet.  It's just lots of leftover blocks, combined with more leftover squares.  It's fun in a funky quirky sort of way.  Not much rhyme or reason to my assembling madness.
Today we went shop-hopping, to two shops, not during the shop hop.  It's much easier to spend money when one has the store to oneself, or is sharing the store with friends.  cha ching.  yep.  I put a pretty solid ding on the plastic.  woohoo!  I feel some quilting coming on!

And with that, I should get back to it.  I'm good at setting goals, but completing them?  Well, it's time that I started moving the numbers on the log on the side of the blog.  You know, the one that says what I've finished this year?  It's been static since February.  Not a good thing.  Not good at all.

So.  What are you working on?  Something scrumptious?  I hope so!  Happy quilting!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

You and your goals. :) Baby quilts are cute. I have a baby quilt kit on my cutting table just waiting for me but I'm in the middle of machine quilting something so it makes it hard to piece. I can't do two things at once apparently.

Get busy!

sewmuchfun said...

Love the quilt tops! Happy machine quilting...