Friday, May 15, 2015


I tried taking some show photos of quilts today.  *sigh*  I used to have great results with a film camera.  The digital camera?  Sometimes the photos are great, sometimes, not so great.  Today was not so great.  I set up my lights and tripod and turned the camera on...and the battery died.  grrr.

I charged it, then spent 45 minutes trying to get clear sharp photos.  Apparently I don't have enough light today.  Maybe the sun will come out tomorrow, and I'll be able to do a better job.

I promised a better photo of Blackeyed Beauty.  This is the best I've got to date:

 But I did get a pretty good close-up.  There is some embroidery, on the bug, and the French knots on the flower's center.  All the rest is paint and thread.  That's it.
 And with that, I'm on to the next item on my ToDo List.  Wonder why it never gets any shorter?


Barbara Sindlinger said...

This is BEAUTIFUL! Wow. Love the details near the center. Adds so much. Just WOW!

sewmuchfun said...

Just Beautiful