Tuesday, June 23, 2015

More Postcards

Over the weekend, I worked on another batch of postcards, for the Postmark'd Art exchange.  My theme?  "Single Color."  The colors were not assigned, we got to choose our own.  I thought an idea would come easier than it did, silly me.  :)

I was originally going to do blue, then turquoise, but with the weather we've been having?  I went with yellow, and thought, "SUN!" as I cut and stitched and tried to empty my box of yellow scraps.  Here is the result:
 First I selected all of the background scraps, and cut the sun shape.  For some reason, I already had the center circles marked on scraps.
 Once all the scraps were in place, I fused them down.
 Next, I stitched down the "suns."  I spiraled around the centers, then quilted the petals a bit like a spirograph.  Do you remember those?  I just went around and around, making points here and there, skipping a few on each go-around.
 Next, I quilted the backgrounds, to secure them in place, then I added two sides of lace, to perk them up a bit.
 Last step?  I fused on the back, picked some yellow rattail, and zigzagged twice around the perimeter.  The next thing I knew, I'd finished the cards and was ready to address them.  Easy peasy, though a bit time-consuming.
The other thing I did yesterday, was track down my baby book.  Of course it was in the last place I thought to look.  All of the pictures posted on Facebook for Father's Day made me want to find that one photo of me and my dad.  I was 6 weeks old, in a swimsuit, on his lap, at Santa Monica beach.  But I can't find the photo anywhere.  I'm not sure where I've put it.  But I found this one, that I don't remember ever seeing.

huh.  For some reason, Blogger has put itself into a tailspin, and can't seem to upload the photo.

I guess it will have to wait until next time.

Oh, and one more thing.  I'm not sure if you noticed, but a few months ago, I added a "follow by email" widget on my sidebar.  If you enter your email address, my new posts will automatically pop up in your inbox.  I've been signing up for a number of different blogs, and it saves lots of time.  No longer do I have to remember to check them, to find out if there's anything new.  Love it!

Okay, it's been 10 minutes, and the photo-uploader still isn't working.  maybe next time.  Happy Quilting!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Yellow is a very appropriate color for here this summer. Nice job.