Thursday, July 2, 2015

More Impressions

We saw a pod - is it a pod? - of dolphins yesterday, as we were eating breakfast on the pier.  Digital cameras are disappointing, when they're trying to catch some action.
 I may have figured out how to capture the sunset.
 I found this at a thrift marketplace for $15.  I love it!
 The colors were repeated in this sunset at the harbor.
Friends seem to like my impression of the lighthouse.  It flashes every night, accompanied by the moan of the fog horn.
 I never grow tired of watching the boats sailing by...
And believe it or not, I've pulled out some handwork and hope to make a lot of progress before heading home in the morning.  This week has been a fabulous break since the weather has been hovering over 100 at home.  yikes.  I'm enjoying every minute.


Sara Kelly said...

I so share your love of the coast. And congrats on your anniversary. Our 39th is tomorrow and we're hoping for a lovely sunset as well.

sewmuchfun said...

Beautiful...just beautiful