Saturday, August 1, 2015


whew!  Nothing like a deadline to get one motivated, eh?  It usually works for me, and this one was no exception.  The quilt isn't all that I imagined, but just maybe, it's enough.  Two weeks ago I thought it might have beading and embellishment.  Today?  It's fabric only, and that's final.  for now.
 I didn't hear anything about not allowing images ahead of time.  But once again Blogger strikes.  If you'd like to see the entire quilt, tilt your head 90 degrees.  :(
We were to include an Artist's Statement regarding this "oasis."  Mine read as follows:

My favorite escape is a view of the ocean.  When I consider its vast expanse, my problems sail away as though they are nothing.  God is bigger than my worries, and contemplating the details of His creation does much to soothe my soul.

The entry is now in the hands (computer) of the jury, and I patiently await their decision.  Whatever the jury says, I know that I'm pretty happy with this little piece.  "By the Sea" measures 17.75" x 39.25"  Not quite the 18 x 40" required size, but close enough.

And with that, it's on to the next thing.  Carry on!

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Vicki W said...

It's lovely! I think your ocean is perfect. I really get the vastness of it.