Monday, August 17, 2015

Shh! It's a Secret!

I feel like this poor blog has been neglected, but really?  It hasn't been any more neglected than my quilting in general.  Finding time to stitch?  It's just not happening.  I used to MAKE time to stitch, but even this unseasonably cool summer (less that 100, for longer than normal) has not been enough to prompt me to regularly pick up needle and thread.  Thank goodness a friend has forwarded information about this challenge more than once.  Though now that I look at the website, I wonder once again, if I bought the right fabric.   This calls it "American Made," but I'm pretty sure that the bolt end read "Made in USA."  Is it the same stuff?  oh dear.

See, I bought fabric for the challenge several months ago, but never got around to cutting it up.  I needed more colors, so I went shopping.  When I chatted with the clerk, she said, "I don't think we had any of those fabrics cut into fat quarters.  You might have purchased RJR!"  I ran home, got the fat quarters and brought them back to the shop.
 They may be beautiful, but they are also RJR.  oh, dear.  Time for more shopping.  I picked out more than a dozen Made in USA fabrics, and bought a half yard of each.  Then I shlepped them home, tossed them in the washer (yes, they bleed.  Use color-catchers!) and hung them on the line.  Here they are, dried, and waiting for the iron.
I started the little quilt on Thursday morning, and finished the quilting last night.  Today I hope to attach the facing and finish it.  Goals are good.

And that's what I've been up to lately.  I think the quilt will measure around 14" square, so when I say, "I haven't done much," really...I haven't done much.

Maybe I can get something done that I'm actually able to show you.  Goals are good, and all that.  Summer's wasting, and I'm still looking for my motivation.  crazy, that.

Happy Quilting!


Vivian Helena said...

I have been slow also, although like you, I sometimes need to keep my hand down and mouth shut.. I would get more done in my studio.. have been very lax on my blog also.. so much to tell, so little time. And I agree, distance to far for some shows! Off to retreat at Point Bonita, for 7 days, taking lots to work on, hope to get them done! looking forward to seeing your new pieces. hugs, v

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Can't wait to see it.