Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A Bit of an Interlude

oh, wow.  I just spent the last hour resizing and saving the pictures for my next Scotland post.  Then I checked my last post, and realized that I'd skipped over a couple of days!  arg!  What was I thinking?  I've had enough feedback - thank you!  See me smile! - that I don't want to skimp on trip pics, but I also don't want to spend another hour resizing pics right now.

Instead, I'll tell you what I've been up to.

On Sept. 10, four days after we returned from Scotland, I had my thyroid out.  It wasn't a mandatory procedure, it was elective, but according to the surgeon, it was "going to have to come out eventually."  We've been watching it for a year, and I decided "Let's do this!"  I wanted it done after Scotland and before Houston.  That's right!  I'm headed to Houston next month!  woohoo!

The thyroid came out, best surgery experience ever.  I feel better than I've felt in years.  I haven't felt this good since I was 40!  I'm still having some surgery-induced calcium issues, but if taking megadoses of calcium is all it takes to keep me feeling this good, bring it on!  :)

I made a single birthday card, for my oldest son, for his birthday on Sept. 14.  He manages our walnut ranch, so I made something I thought he would appreciate: fallen leaves, and money in the form of a walnut.  :)
 I spent a couple of days quilting at the County Fair, and I went to the Kings River Quilt Show in Reedley, but forgot to take pictures.
 I got really really excited about this Estate Sale find.  I was looking at shells, and one of the workers asked, "Did you see the big one on the hearth?"  I hadn't.  She brought it to me, in this presentation.
 I flipped it over, tried to hide my gasps, and flipped it back.  "I'll take it!"  For $5?!!  You bet I'll take it.
 Here is another view of this "shell," as seen with a second one, and a quarter.  I believe the little one is star coral, the bigger one is mushroom coral.  (I identified them using online images.  If anyone needs to correct me, please do!)  Coral is no longer sold retail, I'm pretty sure there are laws against it.  But vintage coral?  This is not my first piece, but it's definitely my best deal yet.  LOVE it! 
 And finally, this is my real dog.
 My son and his wife sent me this flower dog, as a get well gift.
It took a few days, but now it looks more like Scruffy.
And I'll leave you with that.  Hopefully next time, I'll have resized the proper set of photos, as we continue our tour through Scotland.  Ta!


Franki Kohler said...

Nothing stops you! So glad to hear that the surgery was 'easy' and that you are feeling so much better. It's all about quality, isn't it? It should be! LOVE Scruffy. Can't wait to see the next installment on your trip. xo

Barbara Sindlinger said...

You're right the faded flowers do look more like scruffy. What a great gift from your kids.

It was nice seeing you at the Reedley show on Saturday and chatting for a bit. So glad you are on the mend and feeling better.