Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sights of Edinburgh

This picture was taken on the day we arrived.  Husband is standing in front of the Edinburgh Castle.  The blue bleachers over his shoulder are a tiny indication of the stadium set up for the Tattoo.  We spent a few hours exploring the castle, then ate dinner and walked back up the hill to watch the Tattoo.
 The Edinburgh Military Tattoo is an amazing experience.  I had no idea what to expect, other than the most pipers in one place that I would ever see.  In addition, there were guest performers, including The Citadel, and The USAF Precision Honor Guard Drill Team.  It was spectacular, and impossible to get great photos of.
 The Grand Finale included a tribute to Battle Over Britain, with outstanding fireworks, launched from the castle.  oooh.  aaah.  If you ever have the opportunity to go to Edinburgh during the Tattoo, make sure you get tickets and attend.  It was very affordable, and one of the most memorable parts of our trip.
 The Fringe Festival was also in full swing, but I'm not much into that.  Street performers were everywhere.  This fellow made incredible music with this instrument.  It doesn't look like much, but WOW.  He was good!
 Ever seen a life-sized balloon animal Ninja Turtle?  I have.
And I think that's about it for this installment.  We spent the first night in Edinburgh, then rented a car, and headed for the Highlands.  Stay tuned, for more on Scotland.


Vivian Helena said...

know you must be having a grand time!. Lots of smoke in our area. Trying to stay inside! By the way do you have a Sweet 16 table sewing machine? Been looking at them. Yes, will miss PMA also.. all the terrific ladies, but most have blogs so fun to keep up with them there.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Was wondering what a tatoo was. Love the superman suit on the balloon ninja guy.