Thursday, October 1, 2015

Fiber Interlude

I thought I'd interrupt the recollections of our Scotland tour with a recap of what's happening fiber-wise around here.  I've been busy, though not so busy as to have things to actually get super excited about.  I believe my last quilt-related post involved quilting at the Fair, back on the 15th of September.

That weekend, the Kings River Quilt Guild put on their quilt show.  It's an every other year event, one that I make an effort to attend.  I thought this year's edition was particularly good.  Because it's a guild-only display, the members are pressed to produce new work.  I think they outdid themselves this time around.

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures. 

I shopped the vendors with vigor, but I can't show you much of what I bought.  Let's just say that some Christmas gifts are now hidden away until their December reveal.  Then again, I can't go to a quilt show and not spend money on myself.  Here are my personal treasures from the show:  Hand-dyed socks by Kristin, and the coolest thread cutter I've ever seen.
 I mentioned my surgery a couple of weeks ago.  I had a 2 week follow-up visit with the surgeon, who thoughtfully has her office in Fresno.  It's just a hop and a skip from Quilter's Paradise, so I had to stop by and look through their fabric.  I came home with these goodies.  Not only that, but it was double-punch day.  Woohoo!  I have a full card, which I will bring with me to my next follow-up appointment in November.  :)
 October is not just coming up, it's here.  That means that Miss Penny has submitted her costume request.  This year she wants to be Pochahontas.  Of course she wants to be a character that Disney has NOT patterned.  I found a mermaid pattern that has the right lines.  I'll be leaving off all the floof, and turning it into a simple dress with fringe, a la the upper photograph.  I expect it to be pretty straight forward, but things don't always turn out the way I expect.
 And last, but not least, on the quilting front, I've finished appliqueing Penny's feet.  These are part of the project that I began in the David Taylor class, at Asilomar, back in 2014.  Maybe I will finish it after all.  Goals are good!  :)
And I think that wraps it up for fiber happenings around here.  I need to do some serious housekeeping in the studio, if I ever intend to be productive again.  I don't know how it got so out of control, but out of control, it most definitely is.  I can't even show you pictures, it is that bad.  I can barely open the door to squeeze through, let alone fit in a camera!  :)

But the camera works just fine everywhere else.  I'll leave you with this spectacular sunrise this morning.  I took this picture facing AWAY from the sun.  The entire sky was glowing.  The rosy hue of my backyard pulled me out there to see it.  Truly inspiring, to be sure!  Tut, tut...Looks like rain?

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sewmuchfun said...

October seemed to get here fast. Looks like another cute costume for penny! Thanks for posting pics of your trip!