Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Finding Time

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted.  It seems like every day is go, go, go.  Then again, I was down for a couple of days in need of antibiotics, but once they kicked in, it was back to go, go, go.

I have yet to make my granddaughter's Halloween costume, but I finished one for a friend.  This is the part that I did:
 She was in charge of the tank top, cape, mask, and tights.  Pretty cute, right?  She sent me a screenshot from Pintrest, and I went with it.  :)
The Oasis exhibit never made it to Palm Springs or PIQF, but the book is now available on Amazon.  My copy should arrive tomorrow.  woohoo!  :)

The nuts are falling in earnest, so I've made multiple trips out there to glean.  I'm barely making a dent, and have yet to harvest some for personal use.  Every 50 lbs off the ground is 50 lbs less for moths to overwinter in.

We had some wonderfully refreshing torrential rain last week, accompanied by rolling thunder and lightning.  It was truly spectacular, as though the curtain has been raised, and the introduction to "No More Drought" was on stage.  I hope it's not just a trailer.  I hope it's the beginning of the end of the drought, really and truly.

The event was not without consequences, as the walnuts went without power for 30 hours, once again.  This time we were rewarded with a set of brand new transformers.  yay!
 When they said they would send a crew, they weren't kidding!  :)
 Now doesn't that look better?!
I've made time to run out to this sale and that one, looking for treasures.  Here are some from my last foray:
 Isn't the parasol delightful?  All lacey and feminine?  And then there was the Bauer pitcher, in perfect condition, and the little white crocks.
 And a cotton pareo, that will be perfect for some project down the road, though I don't yet know which one.
 And, of course, I'm always looking for more large shells.  I found the one on the right, for $4.  woohoo!  :)  They're displayed on the toilet tank, to give you a sense of proportion.
 Oh, and we went to a wedding, where they had a photo booth.  Looking good, Kistlers, looking good!
I'm hopeful that there will be some actual sewing to share in the coming days, and then next week?  Stay tuned!  I've got big plans.  :)

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