Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Made It!

"Smile!  I'm going to take a selfie!"
"I don't do selfies!"
"Well, neither do I!"
 I took this in the Dallas airport, before our plane plans fell apart.

oh, American Airlines!  Once again, you were a nightmare.  But, we made it to Houston in time to make it to the awards ceremony, whew!  Our plane from Dallas was delayed for maintenance, as there was "something leaking from the engine."  They "fixed it," boarded us, then had us deplane.  Several hours later, they gave us a new plane, and I mean literally a new plane, in pristine condition, one that still had that "new plane smell."  Incredible!

The old plane?  Well, that was fuel, leaking from the engine.  I am SO glad they did not try to fly us!

We made it to the hotel just after 5pm, and were only so late to the ceremony that we missed the awarding of the first Judge's Choice.
Each quilt was more spectacular than the last, but my overall favorite was a hand-quilted treasure, made by a smiling woman from Japan.  Absolutely spectacular!!

The crowd was thick, so I didn't take pictures, but as I stood awestruck in front of her quilt, she came towards me smiling and bowing, saying, "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"  I think I know which quilt I'm voting for, for Viewer's Choice.  I would love to see if she could smile any broader or bow any deeper!  :)

At noon, we're headed to the Winner's Luncheon.  It's fun to have friends who travel in the upper circles of the quilt world!  Sharon L. Schlotzhauer won a third place, with her miniature quilt.  She's allowed to bring one guest at the luncheon, and that would be me!  :)

The top 8 winners will each speak about their quilt and their quilt life.  I was Sharon's guest back in 2011, and it was a highlight of the week.

Then, this evening, the show opens with a preview to IQA members.  I used to think that membership was pricey, but if you're at Houston?  It's worth every penny.  Now if I could just track down a name badge, I'd really be smiling.  ;)  (I'm not taking a class this year, so I haven't paid the extra fees...)

So, anyway, that's the haps so far.  If the award ceremony was anything to judge by, it's going to be a wonderful few days, filled with inspiration!!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Lucky you to know a big time quilter. Have fun.