Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ta Da!

Yay!  I've finished something!  That doesn't seem to be happening very often any more.  And yet, when I logged onto Blogger, I was astounded to see that this is my 1402nd post.  Holy Moly, that's a lot of posting!  So, if you're waiting around for me to post something new, you might just want to take a peek into the archives.  Who knows what treasure hides in those files?  :)

I finished Penny's costume, and it arrived today at her home.  I am waiting to hear whether or not it fits, and whether or not she likes it.  Surely she will like it, won't she?
 She wants to dress as Pocahontas.  Apparently my daughter's friends are shocked, and think that Penny's choice is politically incorrect.  Au contraire, Pocahontas is a beloved historical figure, who also happens to have much the same coloring/physical characteristics of my granddaughter.  Yesterday I was thinking that, in order to be politically correct at all times, we should eliminate all forms of communication. That way nothing can be taken wrong, right?   Sometimes the world is a silly place.

I finished a batch of postcards this afternoon.  Several will be sent out to members of Postmark'd Art.  The theme for this exchange is "Aquarium."
 I forgot to mention the batik tjap (pronounced "chop") that I found at last week's estate sale.  I've added it to my collection.  One of these days I will put them to use, but not today.
I've been out at the walnuts a lot lately, keeping tabs on some of the gleaning that we've allowed this year. 

Tulare County has laws requiring signed permission documents from the landowner, to prevent walnut theft.  Earlier this week, a Sheriff's deputy had pulled over to check the paperwork of our legal gleaners.  As he was talking to them, a car pulled up, two idiots jumped out, and they stole two 50 lb bags of nuts that the gleaners had filled.  The deputy jumped in his car, chased them down, and escorted them to jail for booking.  Incredible.

The leaves are beginning to fall from the walnut trees, and they are beautiful.
 Some of them are also quite large.  Look at this one, compared to my key ring, which holds 6 keys and two car remotes.
 Here is the same leaf, compared to Pixel.  It's almost as big as she is!!
And that's all I've got for today, folks.  Hope you enjoyed stopping by!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

The costume is adorable. Why involve kids in whether something is politically correct or not. It's gone a little too far I think.

I never realized how big the walnut leaves are. We have a tree in the pasture but never paid attention. Thanks for teaching me something today.

Vivian Helena said...

I congratulate your granddaughter. The world is going crazy, I really don't understand these schools. For one person complaining, everybody has to bend if we like it or not.. Most of these people don't realize how good we have had it in the USA.. and now they are ruining it with turning our freedom in on us..

What exactly do the "gleaners" do, how does that benefit you, I assume you grow the walnuts for a profit and business. I find Ag growing very interesting and don't know much about walnuts. But that would be for another life time.
Glad the thieves got caught! What do you personally use the walnuts for.