Friday, November 20, 2015

A Little Finish

 In my hunt for the misplaced 12" quilt, and the quest to clean this mess of a "studio," I cleared off enough of a work surface to get distracted.  Oh look!  Room to quilt something!!

I reached into the bowels of the closet, and found this cute little star quilt.  It measures about 32" x 40", just the right size for a baby or a wheel chair.  I knew it wouldn't take long to quilt, so I set to work on Wednesday.  By the time I went to bed last night, I'd tied off the last stitch in the binding.
woohoo!  Mark one DONE!  And hang another pieced top in its place in the closet.  oh well.

The air is getting chilly, the leaves are finally changing, and there's talk of rain again in our future.  We are next on the well driller's list, so the big equipment should be driving onto our ranch right after Thanksgiving.  It's a huge investment, but without water?  The house and surrounding acreage are worthless.  The thought of it is enough to make a person want to hole up in the sewing room and sew until the sun goes down.

Goals are good!!  :)


Vivian Helena said...

Love the variety, great idea and colors.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Glad your driller is coming. I miss our well water so much - this city water taste like chlorine.

Great scrappy star quilt. It looks so much bigger than the measurements you said it was. I'm sure it will be perfect for any baby!

Sewmuchfun said...

Love the quilt!