Monday, November 2, 2015

Home Again

Houston.  What a trip!  What an experience!  What a source of inspiration!

That's probably enough with the exclamation points, but wow.  Just wow.  If you have never been, and you are a quilter or quilt lover, then I highly recommend it.  I am truly blessed to have been there twice.  Truly.

I wouldn't even  know where to begin with sharing quilt pictures, I had so many favorites.  I took quite a few, but they're mostly to remind me of effective color combinations, or quilt lines I wouldn't remember, or textures that made me want to reach out and touch them.

I have no idea how many vendors were there, but I do know I visited more than I should have.  When my roomie wanted to see my haul, I spread it out on the bed.  oh my.  I was more than surprised that it actually fit into my suitcase.
 There is thread and fiber and fabric and freezer paper sheets and a starch pen and, and, and...  I brought a goodly amount of cash with me.  I left with much less.  There were two bead vendors that could have kept me from visiting any other vendors.  I'm glad I decided to move along, because there was definitely a lot more that I wanted to see.  This first group is from BeadStuff.
 These are from BowerBirds.  Do you see the groups of five petals, sold as flower units?
One of the owners made beautiful bead necklaces.  If I could wear this type of necklace with comfort, I probably would have purchased one.  They were absolutely stunning.
 I imagine some of the flowers attached to a crazy quilt.  Can't you just see it?
Since I've been home, I've been swamped with laundry.  Who knew that I would accumulate so much while away?  I'm certainly surprised.  In between loads, I've stitched together a quilt top for Komforters for Kids.  It's not what I'd prefer to be doing, but I'm not really sure where to start.  I have a dozen projects in mind, all are vying for priority.  While I vacillate back and forth, I stitch something useful.  Hopefully I will make up my mind sooner than later.

But don't worry.  We've got Retreat coming up soon, and that means four days of sew 'til you drop, and you know that I will try my best!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

That necklace is spectacular. I admire how you can pick beads. Do you know what you are going to do with all of them? Love your haul of goodies. It is an amazing show.