Sunday, November 8, 2015

Last Few Hours

I'm up early again this morning.  My usual is to write for an hour, then go about my day.  But, for some reason, Comcast email is down and I feel isolated.  It is a very strange thing, because 15 or 20 years ago, email was barely taking a place in the list of options one chose to communicate.  It's a bit stunning to contemplate, if you think about such things.

When my email is down, I think about such things.  :)

I'm still at retreat for a few more hours.  I had trouble finding my focus yesterday, and flitted from this project to that, never settling with one, or finishing anything.  I was like a Maria-sized flibbertigibbit. 

I started the day by cutting out seaweed.  This was for a quilt I started at least two years ago.  Once it was cut and pressed, I needed to lay it out to see if it would work.  Space is precious, so I hauled it back to my room and laid it out on the bed.
  I think it will work.
 I tacked down one strand, just to be sure.  Yes, I think it will work.  Once convinced, I switched to something else.
I fiddled with silk during the afternoon, but neglected to take a picture.  I left my primary project untouched, hoping that this morning I will be inspired to finish prepping the applique parts.  Brunch is not until 10 or 10:30am, so that gives me plenty of time to get something done.

In the meantime, I can pack, and I can smell the roses.  The weatherman says it will be raining by midnight.  I hope he's right!
 We need all the rain we can get!
Happy stitching!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Impressed you knew how to spell this. "flibbertigibbit" So looking forward to watching this movie this holiday again.