Saturday, November 14, 2015

Odds and Ends

There hasn't been much sewing going on in the studio, but I've been thinking about it.  I thought about it when I saw a nifty table at an estate sale yesterday.  I went away with sand dollars, but went back today for the table.
 I think it's made of walnut, though I'm not certain. 
 Once I'd cleaned it, I put it right to work.  I've topped it with an ironing surface, and oh, look!  There are the white-on-white prints that I bought from Calico Mermaid on retreat.  They are all washed and pressed and ready to add to my stash.
So, ummm,yeah.  The place is a MESS.  I tried to fit it all into one frame, and came up with this:
 The pile of strips on the floor has been transformed into a few string blocks on the wall.
I even went so far as to sew one group together.  yay!  It only measures about 32", so I think I will add borders.
 I made a birthday card for my baby.  He's an engineer, whose current job consists of lots of measuring.  Some of the fabrics include numbers and measuring tape and gears.  Oh, and coffee!  :)
The seasons are changing.  There are three things that really make this obvious.  First is the gingko tree, that is finally beginning to turn.
 Second, the buzzards are back.  The trees at the end of our block are filled with dozens of these red-headed creatures.  I believe this is the fourth year they've come to visit.  They creep me out quite thoroughly.
 And last but not least, the butterflies are on vacation.  Every winter we get butterfly visitors to our swimming pool.  Maybe this is normal?  But if you asked me what normal was, I would never identify winter butterflies or visiting buzzards as a candidate!
And I guess that's all I've got for you this evening.  There is more on tap.  Let's hope I actually get enough done to have something to show you soon!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

I love string quilts. If you need more strips let me know. :)