Thursday, November 5, 2015

Touching Base

When all has been said and done, I may have gotten a bit carried away when shopping at Festival.  But it's all such good stuff!  Each bag holds a new squeal of delight when I discover the treasure it contains.  It's like Christmas every day, Quiltie Christmas, that is.

I also brought home a number of exciting ideas for new quilts, that I'm really looking forward to working on.  But in the meantime, my studio is filled with things half-done.  Two such projects have been moved to the forefront, because I know they will be show-worthy, if I ever get around to finishing them.  Goals are good.

I've spent a couple of days sewing through barriers like this one, that keep quilting from being pure pleasure.  These are four Komforters for Kids quilt tops, ready for sandwiching and tying.  I'll turn them in at next week's guild meeting.
 We've had a couple of good drenchings of rain.  Pixel is ready for the next storm.  Bring it on!  :)
 Yesterday, the dogs were a bit excited.  When I looked to see what they wanted, I found a water trail leading from the pool into the house.
 It wasn't from either dog, so I told Pixel, "Find the kitty!"  She did.  He was only half wet, so he must have stepped in right at the step.  He wasn't very happy about the experience.  Silly kitty!  Save swimming for summer time.  And never swim alone!!
And with that, I'm off to finish packing for retreat.  I have SO many ideas, it will be impossible to sew them all out.  However, I am hopeful that I will make noticeable progress on at least one or two projects.  Goals are good!

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