Monday, December 28, 2015

What To Do?

Therein lies a question, that is not easily answered.  Put your foot in a "boot," get instructions to "stay off of it," and what can a person do?  The answer is "not much of anything, really."  Today I see the orthopedic guy, and hope to be released to walking on the boot, but am not hopeful.  Swelling is spectacular, with sunset-inspired purples streaking the foot.  wow.

The "kids" decorated the tree on Christmas Eve, when our out of state children arrived.  We put them to work immediately, as I was close to useless in the kitchen, along with everywhere else.
While they went to the store, to buy the food I neglected to purchase, I sat in a rolling desk chair and whipped up some toffee squares.  If I'm the only one home, it seems to be less of a production.
For Christmas morning, and on Dec 27, I made cinnamon rolls.  On the 26th, while the folks went to see Star Wars, I made snickerdoodles.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of them.  I guess I contributed a little bit in the kitchen, at least in the tasty calorie department.
 I forgot to take a family picture on Christmas.  This was taken with my camera, as we waited for hubby to set up his tripod.  Unfortunately, I did not get any copies of the "good" pictures from his camera.
I have great hopes that one month spent "in the boot" will result in some quality studio time.  So far, its only result has been quality baking time.  The next wave of visitors comes through for New Year's.  After that?  We'll see how productive I can be.  Goals are good, and I know how to set them!


Vivian Helena said...

As much as you might want to do things. Listen to your Dr. I broke my ankle eons ago and had to wear a boot for 3 months and not walk on my leg for 6 months. I lived in a 3 story walk up apt. Great to build up you arm muscles. Take a deep breath and enjoy being waited on. Happy New Year. Vivian

Sewmuchfun said...

Oh, sorry to hear about your leg! Nice to see your family together

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Your baked goods look yummy.

Hope you have a wonderful new year even if you have to stay off your foot. Hope you appointment with doctor went well today.