Monday, January 4, 2016

Inching Forward

Usually the New Year brings a time of looking back at where I've been.  Somehow, this year is different.  I am focused on the here and now, just trying to rearrange the day to accomplish something.  Apparently a broken leg will do that to a person.  Or at least to me.

I've learned to operate my machine with my left foot, and finished quilting a baby quilt on Saturday.  It still needs to be trimmed, and to have the binding made and attached.
 I worked on the first quilt with my leg down, which resulted in too much swelling and discomfort.  Yesterday, I tried putting my leg up.
 I quilted half of a baby quilt, but find that sitting 24" back from the machine is not the best.  It is not very good at all.  Today, I will be experimenting with different angles, trying to find a way to get that foot up and yet be closer to the machine.  Goals are good.
According to my sidebar, this year I finished 13 quilts, only 4 of which were UFOs.  Wow.  I really fell down on the finishing department.  Perhaps this year I will make a more concerted effort to put a dent in that UFO list.  I also recorded 13 quilted cards and 50 postcards.  hmmm.  The postcard number seems right.  The card number?  Seems awfully low.  Then again, I know that I wasn't terribly productive in 2015.  I was busy running around on vacation, etc., too mobile to get anything finished.  Mobility is NOT the word of January 2016.  I will be home, I will not be running around.  I guess the question is, "Will I be productive?"

I certainly hope so.  Goals are good!

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Sewmuchfun said...

So sorry to hear about your leg!