Sunday, January 17, 2016

On a Roll!

I finished the binding on another baby quilt last night, woohoo!  Looks like hubby was a bit bleary-eyed when he snapped the photo.  A flash might have been called for.
 I'm starting to feel pretty good about the slowly-growing pile of finished baby quilts.  The bottom one was completed BBL (before broken leg), but the other three?  They're all recent finishes.  They are awaiting labels, and then will be sent off to babies who have long been awaiting their arrival.
What is next on the list?  Well...

I've pulled out a queen-sized hand-quilting project that I finished piecing when my son was in fifth grade.  He's now 26 years old, and a years-ago college graduate.  I worked on it last night, and am wondering if I could possibly find the wherewithall to finish it in time for Best of the Valley Quilt Show.  The entry deadline is February 14, and I have two-thirds of the quilting left to complete.

There is a SAQA (Studio Art Quilts Associates) call for entry that is due on January 31.  I know exactly what I want to make for it, I just haven't progressed further than pulling fabrics.  I started the project BBL.  Now that I can stand, I might pick it up again.

I have three other calls for entry, for very small projects.  One is 6x8", another 10x10", the third is 12x12".  Will I or won't I attempt to meet the deadlines?  I tell you, I can lay the best plans, but each day seems to be full of surprises.  The only sure thing seems to be the neverending pile of basted baby quilts, waiting to be finished.

And so, I dream of future projects, hoping that I can sew at least one or two of them into reality.  In the meantime, I continue to sew what's in front of me, trying to decrease the size of the "to do" pile and increase the size of the "finished" pile.  Goals are good!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

I like the idea of UFO's being finished. Keep up the good work.

Sewmuchfun said...

Hand quilting is the perfect medicine for a broken leg!