Friday, January 15, 2016

What a Difference!

After my last post, I saw the PA, and he cut off my cast, but again warned me not to put any weight on my leg for another month.  That was a definite improvement.  I requested a second opinion, and saw the Orthopedic Specialist the next day.  He told me to wear the boot, and to walk on it, with crutches!!!  "We don't want your leg to atrophy any more than necessary!"  wow!  To say I was/am thrilled is a serious understatement.  Just being able to put that foot on the ground gives me confidence and stability.  Wobbling on my left leg had been exhausting.

As we were driving home, and I was beginning to wrap my head around the permission to put my foot down, KABAM!!
 A young girl, in a truck, on her way to College of Sequoias, tried to brake.  Her foot slipped, she hit the gas, and she slammed into the back of my favorite vehicle.  It may not look like much, but the handle is bumped in, and I'm afraid to try to open the back hatch, in case it gets stuck open.  Also, the trailer hitch - which we use frequently - is bent down and under the bumper, which is also bent in and under. 
 Good thing I'm not driving anywhere any time soon, eh?  :)

Instead, I am home, and getting a bit more quilting done.  Here's my second finish of the year, another baby quilt.  The front is pretty busy, but I think the red/yellow binding tones it down a bit.  The back is white, with large colorful polka dots sprinkled across the surface.  I asked my husband to make sure that my boot and crutches showed in the photo.  ;)
So far 2016 has been quite productive.  Two weeks into it, and I have two finishes.  It doesn't get much better than that!  I have another baby quilt awaiting binding, and yet another one that is about one third quilted.  I won't be able to make it down to Road to CA this year, but my time won't be wasted.  This week's goal?  Add another finish and make it 3 quilts in 3 weeks.  Goals are good!!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

so glad you got your cast off. I know that was really bothering you.

Sorry about your car. Hope she had insurance.

And 2 finishes already - I better get busy to keep up with you.