Tuesday, February 23, 2016

So Green!

We haven't had rain for a while, but the rain we had in January?  The results are spectacular!
 The daffodils are popping up sporadically, along with a few cyclamen that survived last year's harsh summer.
 And the Johnny Jump-ups are doing their thing...along with dandelions.  That giant weed was pulled, as soon as I saw it in my viewfinder.
 Something that is not so spectacular, was my attempt at fusing.  Oh yes.  Now I remember why I don't fuse.
 All I did was make a great big mess.  Oh well.  I was finally forced to put a new cover on my ironing board, a task that I'd been pushing off for the past couple of months.
My Penny Pie is still visiting, so our days are filled with games and stories.  I've recently begged off on tromping through the park.  My leg hates it, and I end up paying for it for days afterwards.  There are others who are willing to take her, so she's not completely cooped up in the house with this old lady.

I'm not the only one taking pictures.  Whenever she finds my Canon lying around, she picks it up and starts snapping.  Who knows?  Maybe she's got photography in her blood.  Both of my grandfathers were avid photographers, whose photos frequently hung in photo salon competitions.  I have the bug, but not the gift.
And that's it for now.  The Best of the Valley quilts have been juried, but the letters won't be out this morning.  The goal is to have them in the mail by Saturday.  Goals are good!


Quiltedtime said...

Glad you are able to walk a bit even though it is still uncomfortable. There are about six more weeks until BOTV??? YOU CAN DO IT!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Take care of yourself first please. Glad to see your flowers are growing. Hopefully we'll get more rain.