Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Around the House

 After years of drought, my yard welcomes the rain.  We haven't planted anything new, and I think we've only watered once since November.  The garden is in celebration mode.  The tulips have never been this lovely.
 The miniature roses have begun to bloom, and the Johnny jump-ups?  Well, they're out of control, which is just how I like them.
 I've never been a fan of azaleas, but they're doing their best to sway me into their camp.
The outside of my house looks fabulous.  The interior?  Looks like I've been playing with a 4 year old for 6 weeks.  She's now home with her parents, and I'm here focusing on the quilt show.  One step at a time.  Yesterday's step?  Pipe washing.
 On Monday, I loaded them into my van.  Ooh, look!  Reminds me of honeycomb!
And with that, I have a quilt show of typing to do.  Best get started...

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Quiltedtime said...

It's about that time, that is. :-)