Tuesday, March 29, 2016


 One week from yesterday, the quilts come in.  One week from today, we will be in the judging room.  One week from tomorrow, we will be hanging quilts.  Well, you get the idea.  The quilt show is looming large, and I hope you all make an effort to come and see.  It will be worth it.

I gaze out the window at the flowers, then go back to my binders and typing.
 My problem is printing.  My old printer decided to refuse to communicate, so I said, "Back atcha," and bought a new one.  It worked for a bit, then didn't.  Then did, then didn't.  Then did, then...well, again, you get the idea.
I have a stack of things that still need to be printed, but I guess they're going to have to wait for my son to swing by after work and fix it all for me once again.  I should have just stayed up typing/printing last night, instead of thinking everything was rosy and going to bed.

In other news, I received a "sorry, not this time" letter from SAQA, regarding my submission, "Hanging by a Thread."  I'm not surprised, as there were 220 entries, and they only took 24.  I'm kind of excited, because I've wanted to go back to it to add more, and more, and more.  And now I will.  I've been given permission.

okay, just thought I'd check in and say, "hey."  As we get closer to April, we get closer to quilt show.  I will be busy.  No doubt about it.


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Looking forward to the show. I hope all your printing problems get resolved.

Quiltedtime said...

BOTV is always great. It's fun to catch up with quilters from all over the valley.