Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Few More "Finishes"

A long time ago, perhaps as long ago as 2013, I bought two chairs for $5 a piece at a yard sale.  The grand plan was to strip them, stain them, seal them, and reupholster them with quilted seats.  I then thought maybe I should paint them, instead of stain them.  Yesterday, I finished one.  Here's how it looks.  I think I will paint the other one, just because.
 I also made a little quiltlet, for a friend, and a second one (that I forgot to snap a photo of) for my sister.  They went out in yesterday's mail.
 I think I mentioned that I've been busy, with this n that.  One of the things I've been doing is trying to clean up the clutter in the studio.  I just finished washing these buttons, which I bought in Missouri.  They filled a Mason jar, and the cost was $5.  Such a deal, such a deal!  Look at all of that color!  :)
 I also washed buttons from an estate sale in Visalia.  No wonder they've been pushed aside for months (like since before Christmas!)  There's no color to be seen, compared to what Missouri had to offer.  Then again, I think these were somewhere in the neighborhood of $3, so I don't know what I'm complaining about.
And, hmmm.  I guess that's it on the creative front for today.  I'm working on it, definitely working on it.  I'm trying to do one major household task - yesterday was to finish reassembling the shower - and then reward myself with sewing. So far, sew good.  And now, it's time to get back at it.  Happy creating, y'all!  :)

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

Never thought to wash buttons. Ummm. I LOVE the chair.