Thursday, May 5, 2016

SO Inspired!

I am having an amazing week, here in Sisters.  We just finished Day 4 of our 5-day seminar.  I can't believe it's almost over.  The group of women in our class are fantastic.  Each could easily become a dear friend, if they didn't live in Oregon, Ohio, Montana, Utah, etc.  Yes, we've come from across the country, to congregate in Sisters and learn from Jean Wells Keenan.

This is what my work area looked like this morning:
 Here it is, 8 hours later.  I remembered to take the photo about 10 minutes after I began straightening the mess.  Believe me, it was much more organic than the photo indicates.
I'm pretty excited with my piece, though at this point, it feels chaotic.
By the time I left, I had the bottom right corner filled in as well.  I forgot to snap a shot before we headed to dinner.

Sisters is BEAUTIFUL.  I've heard about Oregon, but all I'd seen before was the Portland airport, and Hood.  I'm captivated by the art galleries and antique malls, and could spend several days just poking in and out of shops.  Instead, I work in the studio from 8:30am - 5-ish, only window shopping from about 12:30-1pm each day.  Despite my dedication to my craft - typed tongue in cheek - I have managed to spend at least as much as the workshop cost, if not the cost of lodging as well.  If I thought I was getting away for less than Asilomar, I was mistaken.  Shopping is a LOT of fun here.  Be forewarned, if you're headed to Sisters.  Art is available for sale EVERYWHERE.

And with that, we're early to bed, early to rise.  That way we might actually finish something before we hit the road and head home.
I think I could grow to love the mountain environment as much as I love the sea.  Sisters is delightful. 

And with that, I'll rest, so that I can sew more in the morning.  Happy Creating!  :)

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

So glad you are enjoying your class and trip. Safe travels home.