Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Back Side

I've left the valley for the coast, and find myself admiring the June Gloom.  The sky is misty moist and hazy, the ocean is a cool grey.  There is no blue, in sky or ocean, and the only green is seen in the trees in the park across the street.  But the 65 degrees here, as opposed to the 90+ expected at home, makes the lack of color quite acceptable, thankyouverymuch!

The room I am in is not easy to access.  I was not expecting this, and both sewing machines, the sewing table and the cutting table are still in the car.  I've hauled two of my handwork projects to the room.  Once I've finished one, I'll trade it out for another.  None of this "bring everything and I'll work on it all" this time.  No, I'm being forced to choose what to work on and what to postpone.

I am very glad that I brought along this OLD UFO.  You can see it here.  A few (several) years ago, I promised I'd finish it for my daughter, for their wedding quilt.  In August, I believe they are coming up on their 8th wedding anniversary.  Or is it the 9th?  Hard to remember, it's been so many years!

Anyway, I have it with me, and I am working somewhat diligently to finish it.  Do you remember old-fashioned trapunto?  The kind where you use a long needle, and stuff quilted areas?  Well, that's what I started all those years ago.  I know why no one does this any more.  It takes FOREVER.
 I am stuffing from the backside, and hopefully, eventually, the needle holes will become less noticeable.
 Here you can see my distraction.  If I look out the window and across the street, I can see the ocean and the lone surfrider paddling off to whoknowswhere.
 This is the distance still to travel up this side of the quilt.  Once I hit the end, I will go back to the corner and work my way up the other side to the middle.  Right now, I think I am 13/16 of the way through.  Yes, I play fraction games when I've got an overly consuming project that never seems to make forward progress.  I am looking forward to being 16/16 of the way through!
Before I left home, I finished one more postcard.
I think the Asian/lotus "charm" was actually part of an earring.  I'm not sure how I came to have this in my possession, but I think it looks nice installed on this particular background.  :)

You're wondering about the front of the trapunto'd quilt?  It is in desperate need of a good scrubbing.  Once I've cleaned it, blocked it, and hopefully removed all signs of bleeding - doggone 90's reds! - I'll take a nice picture and show you all.  Goals are good.

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Franki Kohler said...

I'm looking forward to the 'finish' photo. But don't worry, you won't hear me tapping my feet.