Monday, May 16, 2016

Today's Production

I went to bed last night with a runny nose.  This morning, I was dragging and tired and not motivated to do much of anything other than laundry.  But there is work to be done, and deadlines to meet, doncha know?!

One of the most rapidly approaching deadlines is for our Postmark'd Art postcard exchange.  All cards must be in the mail before May 31, if we want to participate in the next round of trading.  Because I'm one of the three oh, what do we call ourselves?  moderators?  coordinators?  Because I am one of those, I really do need to set an example by meeting the deadline.  Goals are good!

Today I made my cards for the "Lines" exchange.
 After making three of them, I looked for my trade paper, to see how many were in our trade group.  Well, will you look at that?!  There are only three of us, so that means that only two cards need to be mailed.  I'm ahead one postcard!  Woohoo!
These are the two that are headed out in tomorrow's mail.
Next up:  Crazy Quilt postcards.  They'll probably take me longer than a single day, but then again, maybe not.  Goals are good!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Probably feels good to check one thing off your list. Sorry you are feeling poorly though.

Franki Kohler said...

Nice! And it's good to have some small like that to make you feel productive, especially when you just feel like curling up with a good book.