Thursday, June 2, 2016

One More Day

 Well, looks like Blogger still loves flipping my pictures.  I wish I knew how to take a vertical shot and then have it post vertically.  boo.  Here's a horizontal shot, taken on the day we had blue sky.  Hubby was along for several days.  That's him in the foreground.
 For the most part, the skies have been grey.  June Gloom reigns.
 Hubby brought flowers before he left.  aww.  Unfortunately, there are no vases in this facility.  It was either a wine glass, a coffee cup, or an empty water bottle.  I chose the water bottle.
 I made it down to the beach.  This is my new Facebook profile picture.  I'm not sure how long I'll keep it, but it works for now.
And now that I've gone solo, I set up my machine and went to work.  First, I finished the trapunto quilt that I showed on the 28th.  I can't wait to get it home and wash it...and hope that it flattens when it dries.
 Yesterday, I finished this baby quilt.  yay!  One last finish in May, and already one finish in June.  Am I on a roll, or what?!
 One of our favorite places to eat is Madison Square Garden Cafe.  It's got all kinds of eclectic kitsch that makes you smile.
 I loved this portion of a mermaid encircled mirror.  I could use those fish in a quilt, couldn't you?
 The corner pottery shop is also a favorite.  The colors brighten up even the greyest day.
Tomorrow I head back to the valley.  Today's high in Laguna Beach is expected to be 75.  Today's high at home?  102.  It's going to be rough to re-acclimate.  I am not looking forward to it.  But home is home, and it's time for me to go back.  In the meantime, I have about 8 more sewing hours ahead of me.  I'd best make the most of it!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Those colorful vases would make an awesome quilt. Enjoy your last day.
(And congrats on your finishes.)

Sewmuchfun said...

I hope to do that some day, solo sewing days can be so productive😉