Monday, July 18, 2016

A New Finish

I finished the first assignment for my online class.  It's not what I'd envisioned, not even close, but I ran out of time.  Yesterday I put together the brown background and cut strips of the colors.  Today, I fiddled with the colors and ended up with an approximately 17" quilt called "Wheel of Color."

The next assignment should be in my inbox in the morning.  whew!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

The color wheel just glows against that background. What was the title or assignment for this one?

Vivian Helena said...

Wonderful way to have a colorwheel. What class are you taking.. I am taking Susie Monday, art with apps. Maybe not the exact name but enjoying so many neat things to do with the IPad. Just have to transfer to quilting, wish I had more hands and a faster brain. So many ideas so little time. Love your new piece.

Sewmuchfun said...

Love it!