Sunday, July 17, 2016

Gaining Momentum

I am glad to report that since I last posted, some stitching has been done.  Another baby quilt has been finished, and delivered, to wit:
Wow!  The baby makes the quilt look big!  Most of the baby quilts that I make are 40" x 48", which seems to serve them well.  There are quite a number of babies on the horizon, so I need to kick the baby quilt making up a notch.

I also made another fishie postcard, this one for my daughter's birthday, which is today.  It was accompanied by the most chocolate of chocolate cakes (chocolate cake mix, chocolate pudding mix, mini chocolate chips, sour cream) all delivered to her doorstep yesterday.
 A friend's birthday was also this past week, so I kicked out a card for her as well.  Notice the fabric choices, as compared to those in the baby quilt pictured above.  I didn't have to think too much when making this one.
I don't know if you know anyone caught up in the Pokemon Go game, but I've been hearing all about it.  When we arrived in San Carlos, we parked immediately in front of an image.  I saw my first players, and had to take a picture.  If you see people standing around staring intently at their phones, and stopping every couple of feet, they are probably playing the game.
 The next morning, I discovered that my SIL has the game, and my granddaughter is an avid fan.  When she showed me the creature jumping up and down on the table between her parents at Peet's Coffee - can you see the little blue thing on her screen? - I suddenly understood the attraction of the game.  It's quite clever, really.
 Unfortunately for me, the out of town trip means that I've done nothing about finishing my assignment for my online quilt class.  It is due tomorrow.  I've got fabric chosen, but I seriously doubt that I can cut AND sew it all before tomorrow.  oh well.  I'd best stop talking about it, and see if I can actually DO something about it.

I'll leave you with this "selfie" from most of the Itty Bitties...Happy Quilting!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

I have yet to see anyone play the Pokeman Go but I'm sure I will soon. Now get busy!