Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sew Faster!

My second quilt for the Katie Pasquini Masopust online class is due tomorrow.  I just started cutting and sewing yesterday.  The days have gotten away from me, and sewing time has been minimal.

Well, maybe that's not quite true.  I mentioned the denim throw for my son.  Here is a picture:
 Last week's baby quilt has been delivered and well received.
I made a lycra superhero costume for a friend.  He's supposed to pick it up today.  I'm not sure if there will be pictures.  The costume is lumpy and shapeless hanging on a hanger, so there's no point in taking a photo of it.

We needed to start irrigating the walnuts because of the heat.  My son, the primary irrigator, is away this week, fishing in Alaska.  I stepped in on Friday, to fill the void.  I sent my husband a selfie (he's also in Alaska) so that he could see my renewed appreciation for those who irrigate.  It was only 103 at the time.
 I'd sent him a selfie earlier in the day - he's requested them - what a change 10 hours and 34 degrees can make!  Ghastly.  I'm not exaggerating when I say I don't take the heat well.
Well, enough of that.  I hate the selfies, but wanted to let you know that when I say, "It's so hot," I mean, "It is SOOOOO Hot!!"  :)

The fishermen were supposed to be home last night, but American Airlines cancelled their flight.  Instead, they spent the night in Seattle, and will be home some time after 5pm this afternoon.  I'm calling that a gift of time, and hopefully I will use it wisely.  If all goes well, I will finish Lesson #2, and be able to post it by the time it is due.  When she says "Monday," I hear "Monday at Midnight."  I'm going to need every minute.

Stay cool!!


Sewmuchfun said...

It IS hot!!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

It has been super hot this week which makes it hard to be productive. Can't imagine having to go out to irrigate in 103 temps. Bless your heart. Hope you can get your project done before the deadline. Can't wait to see it.