Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Pseudo-Finish

Lesson #2 of my Katie Pasquini Masopust class was due yesterday.  I've already received the assignment for Lesson #3.  oh my.  I was looking for something to spur me on, and this is absolutely doing it!

This is what I turned in at about 11pm last night:
I had planned to add more detail to the lifeguard tower, but now I'm having second thoughts.  The background is machine pieced, the people, tower, and sand are hand appliqued.  Yes, the small poles were tough, at just over 1/8" finished width.  Call me crazy.  I deserve it.

I didn't have time to quilt it, and don't know when I will.  Another baby is due in 2 weeks, as is Lesson #3.  This next lesson is going to be particularly challenging, because it is specifically ABSTRACT.  If you're familiar with my work, I just don't do abstract.  I wanted to be stretched, but I feel like I'm getting ready to be attached to the rack, a device of torture from Medieval times.  I'm not sure I wanted to stretch THIS much!  :)

In other developments, our new well is finally functional, and the walnuts are getting watered much more efficiently.  I talked to our farmer last week, and he said, "It's almost time for harvest!"  wow.  I guess harvest does start in September, so, wow.  Time passes SO quickly!!
Pretty soon, it will nuts to you!  woohoo!  :)


Barbara Sindlinger said...

I love your challenge piece. How big is it? You can just straight stitch it and call it a day. (But not on the people or tower.)

Time is flying - I really do wish it was Fall. I hate this heat.

sewmuchfun said...

Love your beachy theme!