Friday, August 19, 2016

Quick Stitches

Birthdays and Anniversaries have come and gone this year with only rare acknowledgments sent on time.  I'm not sure what I've been doing, but I certainly haven't been keeping on top of things!  My dad's 88th birthday came this week, and I made myself sit down and sew him a card.  It went together easily enough, from the leftover background piecework from Lesson #3.  The shell and "sand dollar" had already been prepped and cast aside from a different project.
 My son and his wife had their second anniversary last month.  I'd pieced the background for this card back when I made the cow baby quilt, but it needed something special.  Ms. BoVine added just the right touch.  I hope they get a kick out of it like I did.  Either that, or they'll shake their heads and wonder what I was thinking.
Postmark'd Art is nearing the deadline for Round 25.  I've got until the end of September to get all of my cards sent.  I made my "Houses" cards yesterday, and sent them out in today's mail.  Notice anything familiar?
 I'm beginning to run out of tiny trim scraps from Lesson #2.  Nothing goes to waste around here, unless it's really waste!  :)
 I love these little houses!  I could have used them in that Lesson #3 abstract...except that I went with fish instead.  :)
And now, I'm working on Lesson #4.  I had an idea that I'd tossed around until Thursday, and decided that I really needed to get to work on it.  When I started drawing up a plan/pattern, I realized that there was no way I could do justice to the project within the time constraints.  I thought and thought and thought some more.  Then the sky turned orange, reflecting the fires that are burning the mountains surrounding our valley.  I had an Eureka! moment, and know exactly what I'm going to try to do for Lesson #4.  I started cutting and sewing this afternoon.  If I can get a couple of good chunks of time together, I might even get the top finished quickly enough to actually begin quilting it this time.  oh, yes, goals are good.  I can't wait to get started!

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Franki Kohler said...

The houses are really charming. Good job!