Tuesday, October 11, 2016

check, check

I am so behind on baby quilts.  I think baby Adali was born in February.  I finished her quilt last week, except for the label.  Once it is labeled, I will be happy to deliver it.
 How do you like the yellow bird fabric on the back?  I absolutely LOVE it.  I bought it years ago in Napa, but didn't know what I was going to do with it.  The bird fabrics on the front were purchased at Best of the Valley at least 2 years ago.  They've been set aside since then, waiting to be cut and pieced.  It feels good to put them together, but unfortunately, I pieced them with half of the 2" birds upside down.  oops.  The baby won't care, will she?

Lesson #7 for Katie Pasquini Masopust was turned in last night.  The assignment was to do a study in analogous colors, with one complementary color thrown in for pizzazz.  It is hard to tell, but all of the fabrics used are either bluegreen, yellowgreen, red, or 7 shades of green.  The way they butt against each other makes them look white and blue and all sorts of colors in between.  It's incredible.
This quilt has been quilted.  All that remains to do is to bind it, and I think I will bind it in the usual way.  I don't want those little strips to fall off the edge, which I think would happen if I faced it instead of binding.

I have another baby quilt pieced and ready to go.  Perhaps I will be able to get it quilted today.  Goals are good!

My eighth and final assignment from Katie PM has arrived and is under consideration.  I've got two weeks to complete it.  wow.  I don't know if you can tell, but this has been the most amazing, intensive, productive class that I may have ever taken.  I've taken wonderful classes that have taught me new techniques and others that stretched me, but this one?  It's run the gamut and shown me that I have good quilts within me.  All I needed was the incentive to sit down and sew them out.  I can't wait to see wait I come up with for Lesson #8.  woohoo!!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Sometimes deadline help push us in a good way.

And I don't think the baby will notice that some of the birds are not all facing the same way.

sewmuchfun said...

Great job with the baby quilts. Love how a new technique can energize creativity!