Tuesday, November 22, 2016


 Well, I finished that baby quilt, bound it, labeled it, wrapped it, and sent it off to the office with my husband.  Hopefully it was delivered today, and I won't be thinking about it again.  You can see the errant blocks in the upper left quadrant and the bottom right.  But they're all fish or lures, so it's all good, right? Check one more thing off of the ToDo List.

Over the weekend, I got a new-to-me cabinet from a friend.  I filled it with things from the room I have been referring to as The Sewing Annex.  It is no longer the annex.  Okay, so the Tiara is still in there, and a design wall, and the closet is full of sewing machines, but other than those details (and the bins under the bed and under the window seat)...well, it's now a Guest Room!  For now.
 We have company coming for Thanksgiving, in the form of my dad and his new companion Tutti.  He's had her for four days, and already, she's booked on a road trip.  Tomorrow I head down to Escondido to pick them up.  The plan is for them to stay through Saturday.
I've also been sewing out some labels, and attaching them to quilts.  I have several deadlines before November 30, but whether or not I will be able to meet them remains to be seen.  One day at a time.  Goals are good!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Tutti! I love it. Good for your dad for getting some company. I wish my dad would commit to getting a pet. I think he would be less lonely. He just doesn't want to deal with the dog poo part.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

sewmuchfun said...

Happy thanksgiving. Awesome to spend with family