Saturday, December 31, 2016

It's A Wrap

Three hours from now, 2016 will be over and 2017 will begin.  No time like the end of the year to finish up one last UFO, right?  This is String Quilt #6, and should be delivered tomorrow.  wow.  What a year!  I thought it was a doozy, but when I think back to specifics?  It was more than I imagined a year could contain.  As in the past, I clung to my quilting as an outlet for stress, creativity and motivation.  When I totaled up this year's finishes?  I have to say that I am stunned.  Simply stunned.

I made two costumes (Captain America & Jasmine) and a flower girl dress.

I finished and sent out 18 quilted cards, and 26 postcards.  That is, assuming my numbers are correct.  I checked what I had posted in this blog, compared it to handwritten notes, and double checked it against a daily diary of sorts.  That's a lot of fabric in the mail, isn't it?

It was a good year for finishing UFO's.  Of the 43 listed on my official 2016 UFO List, I crossed off 10!

Not only that, but I began - and finished! - 14 new quilts!! I think 2016 was a personal best, when it comes to finishes.  Twenty four quilts finished!  Of that 24, 14 were baby quilts/lap quilts.  All were given away shortly after completion.  Six more quilts were made in response to calls for entry.  Granted, some were quite small, but they were finished, so I count them.  I finished my daughter's wedding quilt just before she celebrated her 8th anniversary.  And the remaining three quilts?  I made those in the online class with Katie Pasquini Masopust.

Twenty four quilts, and seventeen were disbursed as gifts.  In all, it's been a very good year.  If I can be half as productive in 2017, I will be pleased as punch.  Goals are good, and I'm hopeful that I will have mine set and ready to share by tomorrow.

Happy New Year!!

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Franki Kohler said...

You are a whirlwind of activity! Love this latest quilt. It is so joyful. Happy new Year!