Saturday, December 17, 2016


I was kind of proud of myself, knocking out more than one call for entry at a time.  Unfortunately, I neglected to click to find the fine print.  This is what I finished yesterday, for the upcoming SAQA Spotlight Auction, at their 2017 Conference.
 I call it "Sail Away."  Here it is, using those handy clippy things to make sure the facing doesn't peek out around the front.
 Here's the back.  Measuring a mere 6"x8", I wanted to be sure that the facing didn't overpower.
Silly me.  I'm always one to read the fine print.  But everything I saw said "little quilts, 6x8"."  Nothing in the request for quilts said anything about not finishing the edges.  They don't want binding, they don't want facing.  They want the quilts nice and flat, so that they can be mounted behind matboard.  Which is fine and dandy, but I didn't see that part until I called up the submission form, to submit my quilt.

huh.  oh well.  Looks like I'm up a gift for Christmas, eh?
Ho, ho, ho.  I wonder if this is how Santa's bag gets stuffed?  With oopsies? 

And on that note, I have a triple of things that do need to be made for specific people and finished quickly.  Goals are good.  Merry Christmas!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Couldn't you just take the backing off? Probably too late. Their loss.

sewmuchfun said...

Someone will love the unexpected Christmas gift!