Sunday, January 1, 2017

And The Goals Are...

Happy New Year! There's always talk of "resolutions" when January 1 rolls around.  I've found that I can resolve to do all kinds of things, but they end up too nebulous to achieve.  This year I'm back to baby steps when it comes to quilting.  My overall dreams of achievement far surpass my capabilities.  Instead, 2017 is a year to be taken one day at a time.  I will confine myself to weekly goals, more or less.

So.  Here we are on Day 1 of Week 1.  I am working on my 2017 UFO List.  Last night, when I thought it was complete, it had 35 entries.  By noon this morning, I remembered 4 more.  I am hopeful that I will begin the year with a mere 39 UFO's.  That would be fantastic!  I don't think I've begun a year with fewer than 40 UFOs since we left the 80's!

I have a few general goals for the year.  The first is "Blog More."  That should be easy.  I fell off track this year when life interrupted.  I'm working on focus.

The second is "Finish A Show Quilt."  I have multiple pieces in process, that could be contenders, should I actually follow through and finish them.  I am hopeful that at least one of them will not only reach the finished stage, but also be finished in time to enter at least one major show in 2017.

The third is to "Have A Portable Handwork Project" ready to go.  I can't tell you how many times I have needed something small to work on, but had nothing at hand.  Instead, I've been reading my kindle.  I'd rather be quilting.

Finally, we reach my quilting goals for January:

1)  Before the end of the month, I'm committed to mail out 3 themes of postcards for Postmark'd Art.  I still need to make all of the postcards.
2) M-AQF entry deadline is January 24.
3) My first assignment for the KatiePM class is due January 16.
4) Sacred Threads entry deadline is January 4.

This week, I plan to take photos of my quilt(s)? and enter Sacred Threads; make a set of PMA postcards; finish a (small) UFO; and make my pattern for the Katie Class quilt.  I expect each project to take approximately 3 hours.  Give or take an hour.

Then again, my dad is here, and will be until at least January 9.  At that time, I will drive him back over the hill, for a week at home.  Whether he stays there or returns?  Remains to be seen.  His presence in my house reminds me:  Every Day Is A Gift.

And with that, I hope you, too, set some goals for 2017.  Big or small, size is not the point.  Goals set us moving on a course, and going forward is good.  Happy New Year!!

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Barbara Sindlinger said...

I made a list today of projects I have started that I want to finish this year. It's at 14. We shall see. I will enjoy following you again this year to see how you do on your goals.