Sunday, January 15, 2017

Surprise Finish

I was looking for a piece of paper yesterday, and instead, once again located the unfinished "Another Sunset" that I'd misplaced/found/misplaced early in January.  Best to finish this one up before I lose it again!
 The top picture gives you an idea of its size, compared to my iPad.  The bottom picture has more accurate color.

I am very pleased with the streaky purple fabric that I found to bind it with.  I wonder if there is enough left to bind the Lifeguard Tower quilt, if I ever get it quilted?

As to quilting goals?  I've had to bow out of, or at least put on hold the Katie Pasquini Masopust class that begins tomorrow.  Too many other things take precedence these days.

We're in between rainstorms right now, but the moisture is resulting in mushrooms.  I found this one to be quite photogenic.
My goal for this week:  Do some handquilting and get my dad safely back to Visalia.  Goals are good.

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