Wednesday, January 25, 2017

UFO's, etcetera

I've been trying to get back into the studio, literally.  That attempt involves a lot of sorting, tossing, and putting away.  My assistant, when he's in the house, tries to help me.
 Oh, look!  What's that item folded in front of Mr. Watson?  It's another UFO, one that was omitted (unintentionally) from my 2017 UFO list.
 And in another pile?  There's this small ocean scene, complete with paper boat.  It was a reject from the Oasis call for entry back in 2015.  Another UFO that missed the list.  I think I'm up to 42 now.  At least the two mini quilts to the right are finished!
My dad is still here, and with him is his little dog.  Watson, who could not care less about Scruffy, and who plays tag with Pixel, wants absolutely nothing to do with Hotty.  (Don't ask me where she got the name.  My dad gave it to her, though he says, "She came with it.")  Anyway, Watson's eyes get bigger than usual - see first photo - and he disappears for hours at a time.  I finally found him.
 Do you see him?  No?  He's in the upper left quadrant.  Maybe this will help?
 He's in a cradle of limbs, and feels confident enough to sleep there.
 I couldn't get him focused, as the camera insisted on focusing on foliage.  But, wow.  I don't think kitty got the memo:  He's been declawed.  Yet, there he is 20' up in the air. It has not slowed him down one iota.
Quilt show details are coming together.  Entries are open, and remain so until February 14.  To download your entry form and/or enter online, click here.

And on that note, I've got work to do.  Best to get started!


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Hope he was able to get out of the tree. Sounds like a full house. Amazing you get in your sewing room at all.

loralie said...

Had to laugh! Near the end of last year I discovered several quilts I had started before we moved to our present home 9 years ago. I finished 1 last year and my goal is to finish at least 2 more this year. (Hopefully more, but I want to be realistic.)

sewmuchfun said...

Wow, amazing how your cat could climb so high without claws!