Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Time Flies!

whoosh!  The visible-to-the-public part of Best of the Valley Quilt Show has come and gone.  Now the behind-the-scenes-wrap up will consume my days in the coming week.  Yesterday quilts were shipped back to their owners.  Today's schedule should include a trip (or two) to our storage unit, to drop off the PVC pipe, sign boards, and other large, bulky quilt show paraphernalia.  The rest?  Hangs out in my garage year-round.

So, while I attend to this detail and that, I'll leave you with pictures of the quilts that I entered in BOTV 2017.  Enjoy!
 "Another Sunset" - Suzanne Kistler, 2017
"By The Sea" - Suzanne Kistler, 2015
 "Hanging By a Thread" - Suzanne Kistler, 2016
 "Wheel of Color" - Suzanne Kistler, 2016
"Kelp" - Suzanne Kistler, 2016

Those are the quilts I entered this year.  I was pleased to be mentioned, since I knew the competition would be competitive.  :)  Finally, I'll leave you with this shot of the surprise my husband sent to me on opening day:
Hope you're inspired to quilt.  I know I am!!


Sewmuchfun said...

Congratulations! What a sweet hubby.

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Another great show. Thanks for all you do. Congratulations on all your ribbons too.