Wednesday, June 7, 2017

oh my

To get myself sewing again, I decided that order was desperately needed.  In pursuit of organization, I talked my housekeeper into helping me empty the studio on Monday.  Here is the before:
 I told you it was a mess.  I'd actually been working on it before I remembered to pull out my camera.  Several bulletin boards and another design wall had already been removed.
 Here is the "after."  That's Brea, my housekeeper, cleaning everything to make it shine.  She is a treasure.
Where did all of that stuff go?  Well...remember the guest bedroom that seems to magically transform itself into The Annex?  Here is the before:
 In the "after" picture, you can't even see half of the stuff, since I couldn't really get into the room for pictures!  oh my.
We worked on this for three hours on Monday.  Well, Brea worked for three hours.  Five minutes into it, I picked up an oversized bin and tweaked my back.  And I had just been thinking the contents should be split into two bins, rather than one.  oh well.

Brea came back on Tuesday, and the first thing I had her do was empty the closet.  What was in the closet?  Well...
 I know. You are probably appalled.  I know that I am.  But look!  Brea is WonderWoman!  She cleared out the closet floor!
 oh dear.  That means that I need to sort through the things she cleared out.  This job is more extensive than I realized.
 But this part was easy.  Packing materials. I'd already broken down all the boxes, but bubble wrap?  And newsprint?  How many packages to I think I will be shipping in the next 5 years?  I condensed the collection considerably.
There hasn't been any sewing going on, but there has been progress.  And I've been to the chiropractor, so I think the progress will speed up.

Apparently I have Spring Fever, even though it is summer.  I've taken a couple of chairs in for reupholstering, and another pair to have sandblasted and powder-coated.  It's time to clean up around here, and believe me.  I'm taking the task very seriously.  for now.
Stay tuned.  Maybe one of these days I'll be quilting!!  Goals are good.  :D


Barbara Sindlinger said...

Maybe you just need a bigger sewing room? :)

I need a maid to clean my house. Lucky you have a good one that will help you with your sewing room. Did you get rid of a lot of stuff too? I know my friends are all talking about sizing down. I get all panicky. I can't think of any fabric I'd want to get rid of. I might need it one day.

sewmuchfun said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, it gives us all inspiration to clean up a bit :)